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Brian Powers

Artist’s Location: Chichester, NY
Trout was displayed at: Pine View Bakery
Materials: waxed-based ink on aluminum
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Artist's Statement
Before Deep Ecology became a compulsory big-movie subplot, modern physics and the unswerving empiricism of our mystical traditions were both equally clear that the trout, the brook, and the observer are one thing, and that we just can't seem to remember it. This mental block is part of what defines our comically solid projections of identity and reality.

In this piece I'm using water as a visual metaphor for transparency, transparency as a metaphor for identity, and the form of the fish to represent desire, or that which we think we must grasp in our minds' hot little hands to be one with reality. The trout reminds us that reality is hidden in plain view, as every fisherman knows. The flow of the water reminds us that transparency is the natural state of consciousness, just as opacity is the illusion created by its movement. The act of seeing the water within the shape of what we seek reminds us that our projections aren't reality, only the form of our desires. Our attempts to possess these forms are what keep us from apprehending reality or "catching the fish."

Of course, one could also just see this piece as water shaped like a fish, or a fish that looks like water. Either of these interpretations are good too. What matters is that it's not a fish, it's a hunk of flat aluminum, which is why that's what it looks like.

Artist's Bio
Brian Powers is a landscape painter from Chichester who more typically works in media including the written word and forest & trail design. A former NYC documentary and television news producer, he began painting while a student of comparative religion at Vassar in the late 1970's. He has studied painting and design with SVA's Jerome Martin, with RISDE and the Naropa Institute's Eugene Gregan, and with Vassar's Kevin Rickard. Since 2001, he has also published The Phoenicia Times and The Olive Press newspapers.


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