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Barbara Redfield

Barbara Redfield
Artist’s Location: Big Indian, NY
Trout was displayed at: Sweet Sue's Restaurant
Materials: Mixed Media
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Barbara S. Redfield is an artist, writer and teacher. She began her life long passion for the clean, clear water where trout thrive, when she first came to the Catskills in 1942. Three of her great-grandfathers were among the early members of Winnisook Club, founded in 1886, as a trout fishing enclave on the saddle of Slide Mountain in Big Indian. Her grand-father was proud of having carried the plaque commemorating John Burroughs to the rock out-cropping on the top of Slide, where it has rested ever since. Barbara has served on the Board of Directors of the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development and is currently the vice president of the Neversink Association. She is a master of untangling leaders and line as her grandsons practice casting.



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