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Erica Minglis

Was displayed at: Key Bank

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Having been an art major led me to view my surroundings in a variety of different ways. This education inspired my art as well as my world. I have designed jewelry, a line of hair accessories, as well as a line of cards.

Throughout the years I have painted in oils, acrylics and water color. I have produced pencil drawings, as well as created collages that were two dimensional and others that were three dimensional. Words inspire me as well, and so I have been known to write poetry.

Photography caught my eye many years ago. This wonderful medium allows me to express the meaning of many combinations of images and words and their meanings in various ways. My photographs are meant to be read into, for they each hold several meanings.

I have been a long time member of the Woodstock Artists Association and have been juried into countless shows. I have also received honorable mentions for my work. Several of my pieces have been written up in the Woodstock Times. I have also exhibited at The Arts Upstairs Gallery located in Phoenicia, NY.

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