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Stephanie Barnes & David Seche

Artist’s Location: Chichester, NY
Trout was displayed at: Barneche Design
Materials: (this is a two-sided trout) mixed media
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David Seche Bio
Kingston, New York native, David Seche, says, “ After 25 years of being an electrician, I finally saw the light and became an artist.” David crafts armoires, tables and other furniture from reclaimed wood, some of it rescued from the Stoney Clove Creek just babbling distance from his studio in Chichester, New York. David and his wife, Stephanie Barnes, have owned and operated Barneche Design, in Chichester, where the air, the light and the wood of the Catskill Mountains inspire them. Visitors from L.A. to England have happily carried home creations from Barneche Design since 2006. Please visit to see more of their work.

Stephanie & David
In the hamlet of Chichester, NY designers Stephanie Barnes and David Seche co-create an enchanted shop inspired by the air, the light, the water and the wood of the Catskill Mountains. Located in a 100-year old barn a bit crooked, a bit whimsical, Barneche embraces a philosophy of recycling and making sure things are made the old fashioned way, by hand and really well. Stephanie’s custom clothing line feature sumptuous fabrics, many of them vintage kimono and obi. Colors vibrate. Textures resonate and clothing transforms into wearable works of art. David crafts armoires, tables and other furniture from reclaimed wood, some of it rescued from Stony Clove Stream just within babbling distance. He hunts for the antique screws and hinges too.  Since the May 2006 opening, Barneche Design has received a surprising amount of foot traffic, due to it’s location on Route 214, which is one of the two key routes skiers and day trippers and other tourists take to access the ski resorts in Greene County. Christened The Little Shop That Could by the Woodstock Times, Barneche Design attracts people from myriad walks of life and from around the world, some of whom stand in wonder, awed that they are able to meet the creators of these items.



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