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About the Leaping Trout Project

What do trout and people have in common? They both need high water quality to survive. Trout Unlimited has been protecting water quality for 51 years. In celebration, the Ashokan – Pepacton Watershed Chapter of Trout Unlimited has created the “Leaping Trout Art Project”.  This all-volunteer, community-based art project is raising awareness of the critical importance of water quality in the Catskill Watershed.  Our mission to conserve, protect, and restore our cold water resources benefits not only our native trout, but also the nine million plus people in New York City that drink this same water. Water quality is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s not take it for granted.

Anyone with the good fortune to fish our fabled Catskill streams does not soon forget the experience. Frequented by angling legends like Theodore Gordon, Lee Wulff, and Art Flick, our waters have historical importance as the “Cradle of American Fly Fishing." For fifty years, Trout Unlimited has played a leading role in protecting waters like these — the trout and salmon fisheries that are among America’s great national treasures.


The Leaping Trout Project Committee:

Stephanie Blackman
Tony Cocozza
Chester Karwatowski
Mark Loete
Kathy Nolan
Todd Spire

Special thanks to Mark Loete for conceiving and directing this incredible project!

*graphic design - Stephanie Blackman Design
*studio photography - Mark Loete Photography
*copywriting - Stephanie Blackman, Mark Loete, Kathy Nolan, Steve Ladin
*web design and programming - Todd Spire - Spire Designs

Special thanks to our auctioneer Jay Werbalowsky of JMW Auction Gallery

This project has been made possible, in part, by grants from:

Ashokan Stream Management Program

Key Bank
Ulster County Savings
Orange County Choppers

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